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I am a type of person who overthink things. I blame myself whenever someone just suddenly change towards me.

I overthink what have I done wrong and what can I do to fixed it. It eats most of my time worrying. I get depressed. I lose myself.

I hate parting time. I hate the feeling that I am left or worse being forgotten.

I treasured and care too much for the people closer to me not realizing I become too clingy and worse annoying on their part.

It is my deepest apology to those who feel I am such an annoying person to be with…

I forgot that not all the time it will just be about me…

I realized that it is good to always be there for our friend anytime they need us but not all the time because they also need a time without us…


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New & Improved AO Farms Highland Leisure Farm

"It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax." - Moises Arias Where: Toong Pardo How to get there: Ride "habal-habal" at 7eleven Punta Princesa Cebu City Entrance: P50 adult / P30 children


THINK 5YEARS FROM NOW! Kung may pinagdadaanan ka, ok lang yung umiyak ka yung feeling mo you are all by yourself yung lahat ng mga melow music na napakikinggan nakikirelate ka yung kahit wala kang bitbit na mabigat eh kay bigat sa pakiramdam yung mga why me, why is this happening, if I could turn... Continue Reading →


Many fear to love because they think love hurts... but no.. it is not love that hurts, but it's the consequences of loving... True love doesn't even require to be love in return, if everyone could just understand that then there will be no rejection and no hurt.. Here's my piece of TULA about Love..... Continue Reading →

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