Since then, I do really want to experience how it feels to travel to Negros - to Bacolod.December was a great month for me, to be able to travel 3places at a time - via Toledo Cebu to Bacolod to Iloilo to Guimaras...We went to Guimaras for my husband's Christmas Party and spend time their... Continue Reading →

Exploring newest attraction in Cebu: CEBU OCEAN PARK

Another attraction in Cebu. Make this as one of your bucket lists for this year 2019. (not too late to catch-up for your 2019 adventures) Come and enjoy watching how stingray beautifully swims. Look! its a Garden Eel. Giant Fish in Cebu Oceanarium. (Others animals you can see inside.) You can also enjoy watching their... Continue Reading →


No time for a longer adventurous travels yet want a place to unwind from stress of life? Have some fun and forget for a moment your stresses in life in UPSIDE DOWN WORLD - Cebu! How it feels to live in an Upside Down world? 😆 U UPSIDE DOWN WORLD is located at City Time... Continue Reading →


The Newbie Adventurer



I am a type of person who overthink things. I blame myself whenever someone just suddenly change towards me.

I overthink what have I done wrong and what can I do to fixed it. It eats most of my time worrying. I get depressed. I lose myself.

I hate parting time. I hate the feeling that I am left or worse being forgotten.

I treasured and care too much for the people closer to me not realizing I become too clingy and worse annoying on their part.

It is my deepest apology to those who feel I am such an annoying person to be with…

I forgot that not all the time it will just be about me…

I realized that it is good to always be there for our friend anytime they need us but not all the time because they also need a time without us…


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