A relaxing place within Cebu City

A place perfect to unwind and refresh just within Cebu City. A mall where you can dine, shop, and just spend your time strolling either you are alone or with someone. The part that I love here is the Sky Park. The view is just so relaxing to the eye and comforting to our heart... Continue Reading →



Kadalasan problema ng mga tao ngayon kung hindi pag-ibig ay pera.. Pero dahil kadalasan walang mahugot na pera kaya sa pag-ibig na rin humuhugot... HERE'S A SPECIAL "HUGOT-POETRY" written by yours truly... Bigla nalang Nawala Musika Masakit na Masarap Kung pwede lang sana Titig Friendzone Soles   BIGLA NALANG NAWALA Kay saya pa ng ating... Continue Reading →

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